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**In addition to the Summer Clerkship Program, McDowell Knight also hires associates directly out of law school or as lateral hires. In both cases, our firm focuses on academic excellence and interpersonal skills in evaluating potential associates. **

We believe that a keen intellect, sound judgment and the ability to communicate are essential to the successful practice of law. Upon bringing promising candidates into the firm, we work closely with our associates on all matters, believing that mentoring and real experience combine to develop outstanding young lawyers. This mentoring process works two ways: it exposes newer associates to the experience and methods of more senior members of the firm, and keeps more established members current and engaged. We encourage our associates to actively engage in continuing legal education and legal scholarship.

Thus, most of our young litigators attend the intensive week-long Trial Academy presented by the International Association of Defense Counsel.

Recruitment: We offer a competitive first year compensation. In addition, associates have the opportunity to earn production based bonuses each year.

McDowell Knight also allows for participation in a 401(k) program after completion of one year, and offers other benefits, including health insurance and monthly dues for one downtown luncheon/health club. The firm encourages active participation in bar activities and legal organizations.


If you are interested in applying for the associate program, read a list of qualifications and please submit a cover letter and resume using the form below.

  • Law degree from an accredited university

  • Passing of bar exam

  • Updated resume and cover letter

  • Professional references

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